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Diane Hill, December 2012




Diane Hill is Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and Creek. She has been designing and sewing quilts since the opening of her Indian gift shop in Oregon in 1988.  She has since sold the shop, and she now lives in Spokane, Washington, near the Colville Indian Reservation and the Spokane Indian Reservation, where she continues to create her beautiful Morning Star Quilts.

Diane's talent for fashioning Morning Star Quilts seems to be no accident...  Many years ago during a naming ceremony, a medicine man's spirits brought her the name Standing-On-A-Star-Woman.  "It certainly was prophetic," she admits.  Diane was a four-day Sundancer for 16 years, finally retiring in 2005.   She still attends every year to support her friends and loved ones who are dancing in the sacred altar.

Update: Diane went back to dance in the sundance in 2012, and plans to dance in 2013 also. Awesome!

Her biggest reward comes when one of her quilts finds its way into a Native American ceremony.  "It's quite an honor, quite a compliment," she says.

As for the type of sewing machine she uses for quilt making, she has recently upgraded to a Husqvarna Viking Platinum 755 Royal Edition....  and she's absolutely thrilled with it.  Diane doesn't own any other equipment.  "Everything else is just done the tried-and-true old-fashioned way. Like our grandmothers did it.  I think that makes my quilts a lot more traditional."

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Sewing a Star Qult

More photos of Diane's star quilts will be added to the Photo Gallery over time. Be sure to visit often!


Diane's Native American Star quilts

Diane's own star quilt, number 82A



Diane's Native American Star quilts

August 2010, Diane's gathering hollyhock seeds.





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