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Diane's Native American Star Quilts

In business since 1988.  Rated #1 on the internet.


"Good friends are like stars.
You don't always see them,
but you always know they are there." 


Come inside and look around... 

You'll find Diane's spectacular hand made Morning Star Quilts, and other Native American quilts too. 

Come, beautify your home, and honor your spirit... 

Or someone else's.


Update: April 18, 2014

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DECEMBER 7, 2013 Notice: It's my birthday today! I am 65 years old now, and I am finally retiring today!

I am no longer "Diane's Native American Star Quilts," a business which I started way back in 1988. I am now a "hobbyist," an "individual." I am just plain "Diane Hill" these days.

Thank you from my heart to all of my customers over these past 25 years or so. Thank you not only for your purchases, which I am so grateful for, but for the many friendships that came out of our meetings. I have been blessed beyond measure!

Touch your star quilt tonight... You hold a piece of Native American history right in your hand. Oh, and someday when I'm dead, your quilt will be worth a fortune as a collector's item. Nice investment! {smiling} Love to you all!


If you want to contact me by email, I'm at  for now.